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For the first time in history, Chinese scientists successfully achieved counterfactual quantum communication

Compared with the traditional methods of communication, quantum communication with high security as the future direction of communications development, often reported quantum communications are based on the principle of entanglement, today to introduce a more weird form – Anti-Fictitious Communication: There is no quantum communication between two recipients for the quantum communication. The effect of […]

Solid-state lithium batteries advantages

Solid state batteries advantages  1. Charge and discharge without thermal expansion; 2. Greatly improved cycle life ; 3. Light weight, small sizehigh, energy density (≥ 280wh / kg); 4. HV platform,upper and lower voltage limits wide range;  5. Wider ambient temperature for use and storage;  6.No liquid,safer.   ZYE HV SOLID STATE HIGH ENERGY DENSITY LIPO PACK (NMC811) Nominal  […]